What happened to July?

Hard to believe it's August already. The summer really is flying by.
Anna's continued to make steady progress over the last few weeks. Around mid-July, they really started pushing her to gain some weight. She had dropped a couple pounds after leaving the hospital, and they really wanted to see her putting some weight back on. The biggest problem was her taste buds, in that everything tasted metallic and it just wasn't pleasant for her to eat. They wound up pushing her to use a Hydrogen Peroxide mix as a mouth wash, and that slowly got rid of the coating that had been lining her mouth and allowed her to start tasting food again. Over the past 2 weeks, she's put on about 9 pounds, and is eating much better. She still needs to add a few more pounds, but is definitely heading in the right direction.
She continues to have twice a week treatments, but it's all been on an outpatient basis, so we're all happy about that. Some days, its just blood work and then a checkup with the doctor... other days, they keep her for fluids or additional IV meds. Her legs are still pretty weak and she definitely needs help at times, but she's much stronger than she was when she left the hospital. I think she takes about 40 plus pills a day, plus a home IV, plus insulin... so she's got a ways to go, but some of the meds are beginning to taper off a little. The progress feels pretty slow day over day, but it's really right on schedule and it's just going to be quite a while before she's able to be around people and participate in normal activities. She's snuck in a couple little trips to the supermarket or Lowe's. It's nice to see her moving around a bit.
Everything else at home is good... we just sent in the first check for TJ's Pre-K4 nursery school classes. Another 5 weeks or so, and he'll be going to school. Time sure does fly.


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Amazing how time flies

So glad to read about the progress. I know it will continue. Know that we thnk of you guys all the time, and have you in our prayers. Congratulations on the TJ milestone. He has a birthday real soon too, eh?
Love, love, love,
Ira and Chris