Moving forward...

Things with Anna have been progressing in a positive direction. The pneumonia seems to be behind us, and the GVHD is much more under control. Her skin has been peeling, and then the new skin is pretty close to normal. Feels kinda baby-soft and is slightly red, but other than that, it looks pretty close to normal. She's on a pretty heavy dose of steroids, so with that she's eating quite a bit... though due to her stomach issues, her weight has been remaining about the same. She definitely doesn't have that frail, sickly look these days... Her hair is even starting to show signs of coming back. She's been rocking the Yankee cap for quite a while now, and I suspect that'll stick around for a while. All in all, the doctors are pretty pleased with her progress. The last big thing was this stomach issue, which they diagnosed last week as c.diff (Clostridium Difficile). The meds seem to be working pretty well to treat stomach issues.
The past few days, they've started to cut down on the IVs and move certain meds over to pills. That's normally a sign that they are looking for her to get out of here in the near future. If the stomach thing continues to get better, and if there are no other surprises, she'll hopefully be going home towards the end of this week. It's all subject to change, but that's my guess at this point.
It'll be good to hopefully get home soon. I know she's ready to get home and see TJ, and be a mom again. The last few months have been pretty tough on everyone. From the time I've spent here, I personally feel couped up. Definitely need a few good nights out, and then some spare time to just hang in the back yard.
Happy Fathers Day!


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Telepathic Healing

Anna and Tom - Whether you are right across the street, or back home, we send you telepathic healing to keep your progress in the positive direction. And always more prayers, love and hugs.
Ira and Chris

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I know how the antibiotics can mess with you in a big way -- and you're probably all over this by now. But, might I suggest plain yoghurt -- asyou know it puts back the good flora and fauna that the meds take away (leaving the door open for the bad bacteria to mess with you!). Talk about a catch-22! :( My two cents for a Monday. Sending you lots of love.

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progress, we like progress

Very happy to hear of progress being made, and sending good wishes for more stabilization, and a trip home -- and NOT to the hospital.

Anna - as always, the candles are lit, a monsignor, a deacon, and a priest are all praying for you, as am I -- and we just love you very much.