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prep surgery was a success!

The prep surgery yesterday afternoon to perform the spinal tap and install a port was successful. The port provides them with direct access to her blood stream for chemo, IV, blood work, etc. It took a couple of hours to recover, but she was pretty happy when she finally could get up and move around.

She slept good last night, but feels a little bit sore today... as can be expected.

Thank you for your comments, prayers, thoughts, emails, phone calls, etc... I've been reading all of the comments and emails to her, and they really do help! Please keep them coming.

I've already spoken with a few people about visiting. I will try to get back to everyone else in the next day or two.

The first of many updates....

For about the past month, Anna had been dealing with a number of aches and pains that had significantly reduced her energy level. She had been back and forth to her primary care doctor and the emergency room. This was initially diagnosed as Parvovirus and was expected to go away in a couple of weeks.

This past Monday, she was in significant discomfort and we went to the Emergency Room at St Barnabas in Livingston, NJ. Her blood work in the ER showed an abnormally high white blood cell count and low platelets, which was not present on the prior tests. The doctors decided to admit her for further evaluation.